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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 14

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 14: Understanding.

By: xImpulse


A girl with black silky hair, an exquisite aquiline nose, brown eyes, and thin red lips walked up.


She wore a tight leather suit that made her curves more prominent.


She moved to the 27 meters mark with confidence and picked up the bow.


She nocked an arrow and pulled the string elegantly.


Thwish! Thwish! Thwish! Thwish! Thwish!



The arrows quickly made their way to the target.


Thunck!… 10.


Thunck!… 10.


Thunck!… 9.


Thunck!… 8.


Thunck!… 8.


“Total 45. New high score” Zirrack announced.


Carmilla turned to Blake and smirked.


“Damn! Not only is she hot, but she also got skills.” He was surprised that someone could beat his record.


Although he didn’t perform well in the first shot, causing him to get five points, he was still planning on making his shots not look too perfect, in other to avoid suspicion.


“Thank God she beat the high score because it would have been shameful to us nobles.” He could hear the nobles sigh.


Idiots, everyone knows I flopped in the first shot, so it’s shameful that only one of the nobles managed to beat my high score… Blake sneered when he heard the nobles talking.


“The first position goes to Carmilla Karius.


Second Blake Wilson.


Third Luciano.” Instructor Zirrack announced.


“Remember, next week will be close-quarter combat, and that will be all for today.” Zirrack said as the students began dispersing.


“Blake come over.” Blake turned to see who was calling him.


Instructor Zirrack! What did I do?… He tried recalling if he unknowingly offended as he walked to him.


When Blake got to Instructor Zirrack he saw Kade who had the second-highest score among the commoners.


He also had the same confused look as Blake.


“Relax.” Zirrack said.


When they heard this, they looked up and to their surprise, they saw a smile on Zirrack’s face.


I never thought he could smile?… Blake lampooned.


“Nice work in the archery exercise, both of you. You guys wiped the smug off the faces of those spoilt brats. You should have seen their faces” Zirrack chuckled lightly, then continued.


“It’s nice to see people that can match those brats.”


“Thank you.” Both of them bowed respectfully.


“Keep it up. You are dismissed” He returned to his expressionless face.


That… Was not… expected… Blake was surprised by the scene that just took place.


He never knew Instructor would have a side like this, Blake always had the impression that he was a cold person.


From his tone, it means he doesn’t like the way the nobles treat the commoners, unlike professor Arimus that doesn’t hide his hate for the commoner…


Come to think of it, Prince Bryon is a nice guy and doesn’t care about anyone’s societal class, then why are those below him like this… He couldn’t wrap his head around the need for the discrimination, so he put it at the back of his mind and headed back to the dorm.


After lunch, he headed out of the Wind Griffin dormitory and went to cultivate in the concealed space.


When he reached the outskirts of the woods, he circled around it to make sure no one was following him. He could not afford anyone knowing about this secret.


“At this rate of cultivation, how long will it take for me to reach the warrior level for my first element?” He asked as he headed to the ancestral tree’s location.


[Would Host prefer a detailed explanation or a brief one?]


“Detailed explanation.”


[For Host to fill up the first star it would take 4hrs 30mins.


Filling the 2nd star will take 4 days and 6hrs.


Filling the 3rd star will take 10 days.


Filling the 4th star will take 14 days.


[Note: This is an estimate based on host’s current energy absorption rate. As host progresses in level, the energy absorption rate is to increase.] The system reported.


Blake’s brows furrowed. “for sure the first star is the easiest to fill, but how does the school expect the students to awaken their elements in just one month?” It was impossible for them to awaken their first element before the awakening test.


The amount nature’s energy in the dormitory was too faint and most of the students cultivated in their rooms, even though he could absorb the energy of the ancestral tree he was not sure if he could make it.


Unless the school had a plan or they did not need to fill up 4 stars to pass the awakening test… He thought.


He soon made it to the concealed space and entered through the entrance shown by the system.


If I am to awaken my first element before the awakening test, I have to put in more time into cultivation. That means I will have to skip dinner… He spoke with a depressed look after making some calculations


He knew that for him to progress in level, he had to spend more time in cultivation.


He had read about main characters in web novels that did not have friends and cultivated for thousands of years, he thought it sounded ridiculous, but he now understood the reason.


“The road to power is a lonely one filled with many obstacles” He sighed and crossed his legs to absorb nature’s energy.


That was when a matter came to his attention. “How do I increase the level of the space element?”


[The space inheritance is a special pathway, so the method of advancing is different.


For a pathway to become a special pathway, a level of understanding of the pathway must be attained, the same goes for anybody who inherits the special pathway. So, for host to advance in the space and time pathway, host most attain a level of understanding of being a Locator.] the system explained.


“That means those that are in normal pathways would advance quickly compared to those in special pathways.”


[The more understanding one has, the more powerful the abilities of the level.


Host underestimates the power of special pathways, people that are in special pathways are unbeatable when facing those at the same level in normal pathways and can face also face those a level above them.]


“Any tips on how to understand a special pathway?” He asked.


[That is meant for the host to understand on his own.]


“As expected, it’s not that easy.” He closed his eyes and began cultivating.







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Chapter 14