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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 13

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 13: Archery exercise???

By: xImpulse


He left the Wind-Griffin dormitory psyched and quickly arrived at the training ground.


Some of the students were already there when he arrived, but the instructor was nowhere to be seen.


He moved closer to the training ground.


As he got closer to the students the wind carried the words of the students into his ears.


The warrior level of the space pathway gave him enhanced senses and improved physical abilities, he could hear everyone around him, all he needed to do was to tune into the conversation.


“Vlad is too cool!” a group of girls were talking about the orange-haired noble standing beside Luciano.


The smirk that was always on Vlad’s face irritated Blake or maybe, he was jealous because Luciano was now hanging out with Vlad.


He was still clueless to why Luciano stopped hanging out him.


“Why is instructor Zirrack always late for his class?” A brown-haired boy beside him complained.


“Wesson, why do you always complain as if you are ready for the archery exercise.” His friend shrugged.


Blake had heard of instructor Zirrack, he was a crazy warmonger who loved battles, the fiercer the battle the more thrilled he got.


He detests people who have no talent when it came to physical combat. He was the fiercest and the most feared teacher in the school.


What!!!!!… Alarms sounded in Blake’s head.


Archry exercise?? I have never shot an arrow in my life!… He began to panic.


If he did not get a nice score in the archery exercise, not only will he worsen his already damaged reputation worsen, he will also be hated by instructor Zirrack.


Although his relationship with professor Arimus started on a wrong foot, He could not afford to be in bad terms with the most feared teacher in the magic school.


He immediately sought help from the system.


“Is there any way for me to get a high score in the archery exercise?” He asked anxiously


[I can help the host in the exercise.


By displaying a path for the arrow to be shot and guiding the host in using the precise force to draw the bow, host can perform well in the exercise.]


When he saw the systems report, he let out a sigh of relief.


“Alright move to the archery ground.” A deep voice commanded.


The students turned to see a bald muscular man who had a brown goatee. On his body were both Large and smalls scars that made him look like a fierce beast that was ready to pounce on his prey.


Instructor Zirrack!


Without wasting time, the students rushed to the archery ground because instructor Zirrack was known for his impatience and among them was Blake.


Instructor Zirrack walked up to the center and said “Each of you has 5 shots, you all know the drill, you hit the bullseye, you get 10 points.”


He checked the list in his hand then continued


“If you are called, you step up and perform the archery exercise.” He immediately went straight to the point


“Kade!” A boy with black spiky hair with a calm expression walked up.


He wore a thumb ring and picked up a bow and a quiver with arrows in it.


He stood 27 meters away from the target and aimed.












The sound of the bows string being released, resounded in the silent training ground.




Instructor Zirrack standing beside the target, checked where the arrows landed.


“10, 7, 6, 6, and 7. Total 36, not bad.” Instructor Zirrack said with a nod.


Kade bowed his head slightly and left.



Just before Blake’s turn was that of Wesson.


From how he walked and how he held the bow, Blake knew he was nervous.




The string was released and the arrow flew.



Pa!! Instructor Zirrack caught the arrow that almost struck him.


“Drop the bow and quiver and leave. Next!” Zirrack ordered.


Wesson dropped his head, feeling disappointed, and left the grounds.


“Useless peasants” The nobles scoffed.


After 16 students and the high score still being that of Kade, it was finally Blakes turned.


“That was quick.” Blake didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He didn’t expect something like this to happen.

He wore the thumb ring and picked up the bow and the quiver.


“System it’s time.” He exhaled to reduce his nervousness, then he walked up to the 27 meters mark.


[Activating Archery module.] the system reported.


[Follow the actions of the hologram to hit the bullseye] A hologram of a bow being raised appeared in his vision.


He nocked his arrow and aligned his bow with that of the hologram, and stretched.


[52%, 67%, 82%] The system was showing him the amount of force needed.




Him being nervous caused his hands to be a little shaky and made him release the string before the force reached a hundred percent.




The arrow hit the 5 mark on the target


When Zirrack saw the score, he looked at Blake with a disappointed expression.




He could hear some of the nobles trying to suppress their laughter because of instructor Zirrack. ‘


This pissed him off!


“They can be a pain in the ass. Let’s get serious.” He tightened his grip on the bow and followed the actions of the hologram.











Three of the arrows hit the bullseye, while the last one hit 9 points


“Wow!” the students were stunned by what they saw.


“5, 10, 10, 10, 9. Total 44, new high score.” Zirrack announced with a surprised look on his face.


Surely, the system is overpowered… Blake was even marveled by his own the scores.


He felt a sense of satisfaction when he saw the stunned faces of the nobles.


He had a bad start, even if he got serious, he shouldn’t have been able to hit the bullseye thrice. How is this possible!!… The nobles could not believe what their eyes saw.


When it was Luciano’s turn, he walked up and shot the arrows gracefully.


He hit the bullseye twice, an eight, and got seven twice, giving a total of 42 points.


As expected of a high ranking noble… Blake smiled bitterly.


Nobles receive lessons on combat and cultivation techniques from when they were young, everything they needed was provided by their families and that was why they always felt smug when they were around commoners.


If not for the system that was a godly tool, Blake wouldn’t have been able to match up with these nobles.


After more than an hour, no one had beaten Blake’s high score of 44 and It was now the last students turn.









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Chapter 13