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My Space-Time System

Chapter 12: Don’t revolt

By: xImpulse


Blake’s jaw dropped when he saw the tree, he was stunned by the size of the tree.


The systems notification brought back his attention and he immediately walked to the foot of the tree and crossed his leg.


How should I continue?…


[Close your eyes, clear your thoughts, and be one with your surroundings.]


Blake shut his eyes, but strange thoughts kept on popping up in his head.


Is it me or does the system sound weird… Secretary Joan is hot, is Prince Bryon blind?… Ahem… He shook his head and tried to concentrate.


When the system saw that Blake’s concentration level was okay, it continued to explain.


[Feel the things around you, the wind, the sound of the leaves fluttering, insects creeping. Know that all things are made and sustained by energy, feel the energy coursing through them.]


After more than fifteen minutes, he saw dots of light floating around him.


A large number of them gathered around the leaves and the roots of the ancestral tree.


[Good, your energy vision has been activated.] The system continued.


[Now, imagine them coming to you. Remember cultivation is all about patience, don’t be in a rush, act like a tree, be patient, and still, they will come towards you.]


Suddenly the dots of lights disappeared and Blake opened his eyes.


[Energy vision deactivated; host has lost concentration.]


He was trying his best to stay focused, but he couldn’t. The system was sounding weird, it was no longer speaking in its mechanical voice.


“Let’s try it again.” He quickly closed his eyes and cleared his thoughts.


His concentration level became stable and the dots of light appeared all around him.


He remembered what the system said and began visualizing the dots of light floating towards him.


Although 5 minutes had gone without anything happening, he stayed focused and patiently waited.


Soon, some dots of light began moving towards him.


[Allow the energy to be part of you.]


Blake maintained his state of concentration as more energy lights swayed his way.


The rate at which he was absorbing energy had doubled.


After two hours of absorbing nature’s energy, Blake decided to stop and head back to the dormitory, because it was getting dark.


“How much progress?” Blake asked the system with a smile on his face.


[Host has filled half of the first star.]


“Nice.” He was satisfied with his speed of cultivation.


According to what professor Arimus said, to fill up the first star would take days and the first star was the easiest to fill up.


The system is really a cheat code!… he thought.


[Note! The first star is the easiest to fill because it doesn’t need a specific type of energy to fill. After the first star is filled up your true element will be awakened and you would require the corresponding energy to fill it.]


Hmmm… It took some time for him to digest the information.


He soon left the concealed space through the ‘door’ shown to him by the system.


Still thinking about the amount of progress he made, he didn’t notice when he had reached the Wind Griffin dormitory.


He went up to his room and had a shower before going to the dining hall for dinner.


At the dining hall, he noticed that the nobles were all staying together at a corner of the dining hall and Luciano was with them, but he was eating silently.


Blake was late for dinner, when he arrived at the dining hall, Luciano was already having dinner with the nobles.


He also noticed that the commoners were staying away from the nobles, the tables around where the nobles ate were empty.


Shit is about to happen… Blake felt the air was tensed and a fight was about to breakout.


Let me guess, the nobles have been maltreating the commoners so much that they can’t take It anymore… These were normal things that happened in web novels, so he was not surprised by what was happening.


Isn’t it too early for a revolt, according to what I have read, it normally happens at the ending of the stay in school… He thought.


But let me tell you all the truth, you guys will be beaten to a pulp! These guys have strong backgrounds and will surely be stronger in cultivation, so it will be unwise to mess with them… He felt pity for the commoners who had planned against the nobles.


Although Blake did not like the way nobles treated the commoners, he did not want to be caught in the crossfire.


All he wanted was just to cultivate and get stronger, that was why he was not planning on making any friends.


After having dinner, he didn’t say a word to anyone and went up to his room.


He had some rest, then began absorbing nature’s energy to fill up his first star.


He cleared his thoughts and began to feel the energy in the environment. Soon his energy vision was activated and the room lit up.


Dots of light was all over the room, but they were not as much as those in the concealed space.


As expected, they are not as much… he thought as he beckoned on the energy lights to come to him.


He patiently waited before the energy lights began swaying towards him. He began absorbing the energy to fill his first star.


After two hours of cultivating painstakingly, he couldn’t fill up a quarter of his first star.


The amount of nature’s energy in the dormitory is too thin… Blake felt he had wasted his time cultivating in the dormitory.


I have to wake up early tomorrow, don’t want to be embarrassed again… He immediately climbed into his covers and dozed off.



Before it was 6 o’clock, Blake was already up and was running his daily exercise. When he was done with his exercise, he hit the shower.


After taking his bathe he dressed up and planned to head out.


“Time for the basic combat class” he locked the door and headed to the training grounds for his class.







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Chapter 12