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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 11

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 11: Ancestral tree

By: xImpulse


When they returned to the Wind Griffin dormitory, they went to the dining hall for lunch.


In the dining hall, Blake and Luciano were chatting as they ate.


Their relationship had gotten a lot better compared to the last time they had dinner.


“I came to the class late and didn’t get Professor Arimus’s lesson, could you help me out?” Blake smiled sheepishly.


Luciano chuckled when he heard Blake’s request “Yes of course, what do you want to know?”


It has been confirmed, I am the class clown… he gave a self-deprecating smile and asked, “What is a celestial star, and what is celestial star gathering?”


“A celestial star is formed when the amount of nature’s energy absorbed by a body reaches a certain level and the process of forming celestial stars is called Celestial star gathering. The number of celestial stars formed, are four in number, that means you have broken into the warrior level.” He said earnestly.


“What are the functions of the celestial stars?” Blake asked


“Well for starters, it increases your range of perception and the number of celestial stars determines the power of the spell.” He saw Blake looking at him with a raised brow.


“I came across a book and it explained that Celestial stars help us connect to the mother-stream and tap energy in order to cast spells.” Luciano said.


“Oh… So, the number of celestial stars one has, the more energy that can be drawn from the mother-stream.” Blake gave an understanding nod.


After some minutes of chatting with Luciano, Blake returned to his room and planned on absorbing nature’s energy while meditating.


System what is a Special pathway?… He had forgotten to ask him what a special pathway was because Professor Arimus had focused more on Celestial convergence and barely mentioned Special pathways.


[A special pathway is formed when a pathway evolves and gets the power of another authority added to it.


Depending on the authority formed, a special pathway will be nothing less than two times the power of a normal pathway.


The owner of a special pathway will be able to contend with someone above his/her level and will be undisputed in his level.]


When Blake heard this, he was surprised by how much power a special pathway had.


He quickly asked the system “How can a pathway evolve?”


[A pathway will evolve if the practitioner of a pathway assimilates perfectly with the pathway and gets a profound understanding of it. Then an authority will be formed based on his understanding, but the chances of this occurring are very low, only geniuses can achieve this.]


As I guessed it won’t be that easy if not, everyone will have a special pathway… Blake frowned when he heard the answer, then the mechanical voice continued.


[There is another way of forming a special pathway.


If the practitioner of a pathway comes in contact with a celestial relic and absorbs its energy, a change will occur based on the type of energy absorbed from the celestial relic.]


“Why do I feel it sounds easier than it really is.” He gave a low laugh.


“If celestial relics are so easy to find, then it would have already been found by the inhabitants of this planet.” He sighed and thought.


I need a special pathway…


[Host already has a special pathway; the All-father’s space inheritance is a special pathway that has the time authority.]


“…” Blake was stunned by the system’s message.


“You don’t mean it” He could not believe what he heard, so he asked the system again.


“Are you sure that the All-father’s space inheritance is a special pathway?”


[100% correct.] The system repeated.


“Wow!” He was happy when he confirmed that his ears were not playing tricks on him, but it turned to a confused expression.


Then why is it so weak?… He didn’t think much about it, before putting it at the back of his head.


“I have to form stars before the awakening test.” He crossed his legs and began to meditate.


Luciano said I have to sense the energy particles around me and draw them to my body… He exhaled and closed his eyes.


After 10 minutes Blake opened his eyes “I didn’t sense shit and it takes so long… They make cultivation sound fun in web novels” He whined.


“System how do I absorb nature’s energy?” He decided to seek the help of the system.


[Nature’s energy in the current location is too thin. Host should go to the woods, where nature’s energy is denser and purer, so as to advance quickly.]


Okay!… When he heard the systems reply, he quickly left the dormitory and headed for the forest behind the dormitories.


When he got to the forest, he didn’t see students at the periphery of the forest, so he quickly went deeper into the forest waiting for the system to locate the spot with dense nature’s energy.


[Area with dense nature’s energy has been detected! Host is 300 meters away.]


“How are places with dense nature’s energy formed?” He was curious as to why places had higher natures energy than others.


[Nature’s energy is everywhere, but it gets attracted to things that are more connected to the mother-stream.


The older something is the higher the connection it has with the mother-stream, the same goes for the pathways, but in this case, the attraction is higher for cultivators depending on their level.


The concentration of nature’s energy is higher near trees that have lived longer.]


“That means someone in a higher level of a pathway can easily suppress someone lower in the same pathway.”


[That is correct.] The system confirmed Blakes thought.


When he was 50 meters away, the system gave a notification.


[Host has entered a concealed space.]


When the notification came, the environment began changing. Large roots could be seen across the area, he began having a guess about what was at the location.


how did I enter?… Blake was not a stranger to the term ‘concealed space’, what he wanted to know was how he entered it.


[Every concealed space has an entrance, as far as you know its entrance you can access it.


In the case of the magical spring, host was led through the entrance and the morgs followed.]


No wonder the place was untouched… He finally understood what happened.


Soon the sight of a massive tree came into view, the trunk of the tree was more than 30 meters wide. It was more than 300 feet tall and had thick branches.


[Procced to the foot of the ancestral tree and begin meditation.]







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Chapter 11