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My Space-Time System -Novel Chapter 10

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My Space-Time System

Chapter 10: Personal tour.

By: xImpulse


He followed his intuition and got to the second floor of the building.


At seven minutes past nine, he finally found the class.


When he pushed the door open and walked in, the whole class stared at him. He turned to the professor in front of the class.


The professor was not too old, he had black hair with white streaks and a stern face. He had an arrogant aura around him and was looking at Blake with contempt in his eyes.


“Good morning sir.” Blake greeted the professor.


“The lecture starts by eight and you arrive less than thirty minutes before it ends.” The professor was angry.




“Address me as Professor Arimus” the professor retorted.


“Professor Arimus, I joined the school yesterday and didn’t know the venue of the lecture.” Blake explained his situation to professor Arimus.


“Go sit down.” Professor Arimus said in a displeased tone, he couldn’t punish the kid because he gave a reasonable excuse.


Blake had a feeling that Professor Arimus did not like him, but he did not think much about it.


He quickly found a seat and tried to listen to the professor.


The lecture had already gone far and was about to end, but Blake could not understand what was being thought, but he noted some keywords like, star gathering, stars, and special inheritance.


He didn’t think much about it, because he could ask the system.


He scanned the classroom, only a few students were wearing colorful and regal clothes, these were the children from noble families.


Most of them had contemptuous looks on their face when a commoner spoke or asked questions.


It was not hard for him to notice this, because the commoners were the only ones asking the questions. It seemed like the nobles already knew these things.


As expected of nobles… Blake thought.


He looked at the front of the class and saw the blonde Luciano, he was quiet as usual, but unlike other nobles, he was not contemptuous toward the commoners.


He truly is a nice guy… Blake’s impression of Luciano was getting better. When he was still thinking about Luciano, he noticed the whole class was looking at him.


“Blake, can you answer the question?” Professor Arimus asked.


Shit! What is the question?… His eyes darted around trying to figure out the question.


“What is the question?” He answered with a wry smile.


The whole class laughed when they heard his reply.


The professor did not expect much and said “Hopefully after the awakening test, those that are here to fool around would be expelled.”


He looked at Blake and other commoners in the classroom.


“All forms of Energy comes from the mother-stream; it is the source of all life in the universe.” He turned to Blake and asked.


“Do you get that?” Blake nodded in response.


It didn’t take long for the class to end and the professor to leave.


Considering how we have lectures for only one hour thirty minutes in a day, I must confess I love school… A beaming smile was on his face as he saw Professor Arimus leave the classroom.


With a smile on his face, Luciano walked up to him and asked “I am going back to the dormitory; do you want to join me?”


“Yes.” he answered.


As he headed out of the class with Luciano, he felt the gaze of people land on him.


He turned and saw it was from the nobles, from their smiles he already knew they were mocking him.


They have already formed cliques, but unfortunately I am the class clown… He sighed and walked out of the class.


When they left the class, Luciano turned to him. “Sorry for not telling the venue for the lecture, I totally forgot about it.” he sincerely apologized to Blake.


“You don’t have to apologize you don’t owe me anything.” He said with a smile.”


Truly, Blake was not worried about how he was embarrassed in class, he couldn’t care less about what the nobles taught of him.


All he wanted was to get powerful so he could return to earth.


“As a way to make it up to you, let me give you a tour around the school.” Luciano said.


Well, I can’t refuse; I really need it… he nodded and Luciano led the way.


Soon they reached the crossroads and headed for the path at the center.


“This way leads to the training grounds, auditorium, cultivation rooms, and the arena.” Luciano acted as a tour guide.


“The training grounds would be the venue for our basic combat classes.


The awakening test would be held in the arena and the auditorium is for large lectures or conferences.” Looked at Blake to know if he was following, before continuing.


“Students are prohibited from using the cultivation rooms unless given permission.” Luciano warned.


“How does one get permission?” Blake asked.


“After the awakening test, we will be ranked based on our speed in advancing and those at the top would be given time in the cultivation room.”


They headed to the path on the left.


“You already know about the administrative building, resources assigned to a person can be claimed here and if permission is needed for anything you could apply here.” Blake was impressed by how Luciano explained everything in detail.


They quickly passed the administrative building and reached a white building with two spire towers.


“This is the school’s library, information about materials, monsters, items, and so on, can be gotten here, as long as you have reached the required level to access the information.”


I wondered the level of information I can access with the royal family’s seal… He planned on visiting the library when he had settled down.


At this point, Luciano turned to Blake and said “That will be the end of the tour, the other parts of the school are only meant for students in the main school. Let’s head back for lunch”


Yeah, I am starving… He missed breakfast and his stomach was grumbling.







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Chapter 10