Banner Event

Event Info

Date: 11th June (Friday)
Time: 11th – 18th June
Status: Over
To do : Make a banner for the discord server (anything like the current discord banner of flame scans)
Event status : Upcoming
Rewards : A Steam game, $5 Discord Nitro, A custom role on our discord (for 1 month), Exp (on discord) & A premium nord acc


    1. The event will begin from the 11th of June and will continue till 15th June, the participants are required to make a banner in the given time period.
    2. For the dimensions of the banner, stick to the ratio of 16:9.
    3. The submissions must be made by the participant themselves, to ensure that there is no case of plagiarism the event team will do a thorough background check of the submissions. (plagiarism will lead to a ban)
    4. A temporary ‘Banner submissions’ channel will be made in the event category of the discord server (Talking in the submission channels is prohibited) the works must be submitted there by following this format.

Img/Attachment of the submission: 


Staff’s message

Have fun in the event and join our discord server!
Also, The winner’s work may get used in our discord server.
There will only be 1 winner.
However, the 2nd and 3rd places will also get an honorary mention on the site.


Guyss, Meet our official Flame-Chan by Discord Member @In0suke#4878. Of course this design will be developed further and be made into emotes, emojis, artworks etc.

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