Flame-Chan Event~

We want you, our dear members, to come up with an original design for our mascot that will be named “Flame-Chan“. “Flame-Chan” will be used on our chapters, website, and our Discord sever, so make it look super kawaii, cool af, or both. The design we agree to be the best will be used as the main concept in any future development of “Flame-Chan”. It could also be even used directly as it is, if your design is super duper cool. The winner will get discord Nitro, and a special discord role that only you will have in the whole server. Submit your designs through our Discord or DM ‘AA hon#0714‘ or ‘SxThx#6682‘ on Discord. You could aslo DM us if you have any questions. GOOD LUCK AND THANK YOU FOR READING OUR TRANSLATIONS!!! This event will end on 14th March 2021.

Edit: Event Ended


Event Info Event: Omniscient Readers Viewpoint hard copy giveaway (Vol 1 and 2) Status: Ongoing How to join? : Join our discord server and take the ORV role to participate…

Guyss, Meet our official Flame-Chan by Discord Member @In0suke#4878. Of course this design will be developed further and be made into emotes, emojis, artworks etc.