After Marrying the Empress (Novel) Chapter 5

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After Marrying the Empress

Chapter 5


“Seems like an aristocrat family got robbed yesterday.”


Zhou Ruoli spoke casually at breakfast, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly when she spoke.


“You appear to be in a good mood today?” Li Yun smiled as he came over from the kitchen with vegetables in his hands.


“I’m happy whenever I see the rich suffer.” Zhou Ruoli raised his head and snorted.


She hadn’t been able to attack them yet, and she had no idea who had done it. She almost burst out laughing when she learned that the family had been robbed early in the morning.


She also heard that the faces of an aristocrat and his wife got painted, and hoped that the wife made the aristocrat wear a green hat. Zhou Ruoli happily hummed a few times. (T/N: Wearing a green hat is an expression that Chinese use when a woman cheats on her partner, be it her husband or boyfriend)


When Li Yun saw her like this, he couldn’t help but smile. Zhou Ruoli was a girl his age, after all, and she was usually cold and mature. She could be described as a young girl full of vitality if she were on Earth.


After the meal, the two went for a walk. They chose a narrow road. The road was slightly muddy, but it was sunny, and Li Yun could wipe more oil away from Zhou Ruoli.


Suddenly, Li Yun heard someone whispering next to him and turned to look, only to find a man with a black scarf covering his face. Li Yun could tell from his appearance that he was a person with ill-intent.


Li Yun thought it was the aristocrats who had sent someone to cause trouble, but then he realized he hadn’t left any trace at all, and secondly…


This person had large breasts.


How could a girl with large breasts be a bad person?


Looking at her figure, she is also a rather slender girl, and the wrists exposed under the black clothes are also obviously white and delicate.


Li Yun felt Zhou Ruoli’s gaze next to him, and his face remained unchanged and raised his finger at the willow tree and said, “The willow tree is abnormally white.”


Zhou Ruoli, who was standing next to Li Yun, let out a cold snort.


Looking at the veiled woman there, she appeared to be conversing with a passerby nearby. The passerby quickly looked panicked and waved away.


The veiled woman did not give up, turning her head to look at Li Yun and Zhou Ruoli, waving and running towards them, and saying directly to them, “Hello, I want to introduce our friends and warriors to you…”


Her tone was brisk as if a little girl was introducing products, but Li Yun already understood why the passerby had run away just now.


That was exactly what the rebels said when they were recruiting people!


And how long has it been since someone used the first version of the hiring phrase I wrote that year!?


Li Yun noticed that Zhou Ruoli’s expression was becoming noticeably uglier next to him. If Zhou Ruoli’s anger rating when Li Yun looked at the little girl’s chest just now was nine hundred, now it was over a thousand. It was serious.


Li Yun quickly raised his hand to stop the black girl. As a former rebel veteran, he thought for a while and said: “If you keep advertising, I’m going to call the Six Doors over.”


“And why are you wearing nightclothes during the day?”


The little girl in black was a little hesitant when she heard the six doors, but she still said, “Of course it’s for my facial features to not be recognized!”


No, there’s no need to recognize your face when your breasts are so large. Li Yun complained.


Thinking of this, Li Yun suddenly remembered something, and said to the little girl: “Can you show me your face under your mask.”


“Of course I can’t, I do everything in secret.” The little girl sneered.


Do you think we are all blind in the daytime? Li Yun felt like he was being choked all of a sudden.


Previously, he met many people who, although smart, were caught unprepared and got countered by complete idiots.


“Don’t underestimate me, my kung fu and true qi or whatever is very powerful. Even if you want to catch me, I can defeat you within minutes.” The little girl still sneered.


“But…” Li Yun looked at her and slowly said: “You seem to owe us rent.”


Li Yun said that someone owed the rent before, and it seemed that it was this little girl. But because it was so long ago, he only remembered her characteristics just now.


The little girl’s face became stiff, stood still for three seconds, bowed, turned and ran.


Zhou Ruoli probably found her displeasing a while back, as she held out a foot to trip her and made her spin and fall to the ground.


But when the little girl said she had practised Kung Fu, she wasn’t joking. The next second she rolled over and turned around to face Li Yun and Li Yun, placing her head on the floor.


“I’m nice enough to have bowed to you guys, so you better let me off now.” The little girl raised her head and looked up at the two of them, and said arrogantly.


No, no, how can you be so arrogant in this situation? Not to mention Li Yun, even Zhou Ruoli was a little shocked.


Zhou Ruoli even thought to herself that it would be for the better to send this girl to the rebels.


The little girl waited for a while and didn’t hear the two of them reply. She was a little displeased: “I already kowtowed to you, what else do you want me to do?”


My god, what an arrogant little girl.


Even if you wanted to embarrass her further, it doesn’t seem like it can be any more embarrassing than it already is. Li Yun looked at the little girl who was kneeling and sneering and thought to himself, there’s no way to place the little girl in a worse place!


Li Yun paused for a moment before squatting down and looked at her: “I don’t think you’re a rebel. That was the propaganda version from a few years back. Even if you joined last year, it’s impossible that they are using this version.”


As soon as this sentence came out, it seemed to shock her even more, and she became a little dumbfounded.


Her face cover also slipped a little, revealing a pretty sixteen-year-old girl’s face, and her shoulder-length hair fell.


“Huh?” Her face that looked as plump as a baby suddenly became excited: “How is that possible? I found it while cleaning at home.”


She said that as she thought about it. As the notebooks were all discovered while cleaning, it was probably from a long time ago.


She was dazed all of a sudden, which worried Li Yun about her brain’s capability to realize this issue. She stood up after a while, patting her clothes down and wiping her slightly red nose with her index finger.


“Even so, I want to join the rebels.” She raised her head on her hips and sniffed hard.


Little sister, don’t, they can’t afford to pick you up!


“What were you thinking, little girl, why do you have to join the rebels?” Li Yun couldn’t help but inquire. “Do you intend to drag the other person into the depths of intelligence?”


“I’m not a little girl, and my name is Li Xue.” She didn’t get angry when Li Yun complained about her intelligence, or that many other people had said that before. She was used to it and just rubbed her face.


“I will pay the rent owed, and when I join the rebels and find that person, I will pay it back.”


When Li Yun heard this, his eyes darkened slightly. As he thought to turn and leave, Zhou Ruoli asked, “Who is that person?”


“Justice has died. He is the world’s strongest, and his character is far above that of ordinary people. There is nothing that cannot be done as long as he is present. The most feared man in the court, the leader of the rebel army – the fallen saint!” Li Xue said, her chest outstretched.


Zhou Ruoli wanted to mock when she heard this annoying name, but Li Yun spoke up first: “Others are simply deifying it. Real people do not have that kind of power. If you find another traverser, you can achieve the same results with the experience of a keyboard warrior.”


Li Xue didn’t understand words like “traverser” or “keyboard warrior,” but she knew he didn’t agree with her. She wanted to argue with him angrily, but she was frustrated when she realized she still owed this person rent.


“You are not him, how would you know?” She still retorted in a low voice.


Li Yun just looked at her, as if seeing the scene from before. The crowd cheered loudly. Farmers were facing losses, and some peerless strong men were a mighty power by themselves. They all looked at him with fanatical reverence, or rather, looked at the five thousand years of glorious civilization behind him.


Even after he left, many still look for him all over the world.


Li Yun looked at Li Xue with a stubborn face and wanted to say something, but first heard another person talking next to him.


“Is that where the person promoting the rebels went?


Li Xue almost jumped up like a rabbit, and immediately began to run, dragging Li Yun and Zhou Ruoli with her.




“I remember that this house didn’t look like this when it was first rented out.” Li Yun looked at the house rented to Li Xue.


There was a girl’s unique fragrance in the room, but that alone couldn’t hide the fact that it was messy and disorganized.


“That’s because I don’t know how to do chores!” Li Xue held her chest proudly.


I wasn’t praising you. Li Yun complained quietly.


Zhou Ruoli did not speak and since Li Yun was the one who did all the chores and whatnot in the house, she decided it would be a wiser choice to stay quiet at this time.


Nonetheless, she noticed the clothes exposed in the suitcase next to them. The fabrics used are fantastic, and the stitching is flawless. They appear to be worn by the noble family at first glance, but they are strewn about in the box. They are, in fact, Li Xue’s clothes, judging by the size. On the corners of the clothes, the sewn word ‘Li’ can be seen.


The largest aristocratic family in the south, their daughter’s name seemed to be Li Xue and that aristocratic family…


“Those clothes aren’t for sale.” Li Xue noticed Zhou Ruoli’s gaze and immediately ran over to hug them, her eyes alert and wary.


“My family is all dead and this is the only thing I have left.”


Li Yun looked at the smallest house he rented out. The lighting was not very good. It was dark and damp all year round. It was originally used as storage. The quilt on the bed was also very old.


But this little girl, who was once as rich as a princess, has lived here for a year. There is no sadness or anger on her face, but only a little distress. These clothes have to be washed again, and she is not good at washing clothes.


The only thing she was doing this year was looking for the leader of the rebel army that no one in the world could find.


“Just keep this year’s rent on tabs.” Li Yun couldn’t help sighing.


“Really?” Li Xue said in surprise, her eyes widening. She thought about it for a while and she didn’t know any other way to be thankful, so she immediately got down on one knee and prepared.


“Let me kowtow to you.”


“……” Li Yun.




At night.


Li Yun looked at the night, and there was the sound of cicadas all around.


He had seen people looking for him in the past, but they were all either fierce or with clever tongues. Seeing such an innocent girl all of a sudden, his heart became a bit complicated.


“What are you thinking about?” Zhou Ruoli asked as she sat down next to him.


Li Yun hesitated for a while, rubbing his fingers and said: “I remembered that in the past, how should I put it… What I did made others think I was prepubescent, you know, the prepubertal phase, what I said before, in short, is very silly. I……”


He said a lot of things that didn’t make any sense at all and turned his head to see Zhou Ruoli staring at him quietly.


“Did you understand?”


“Who’s able to understand you if you’re talking like that?” Zhou Ruoli pressed his face and snorted.


“Then why didn’t you stop me?”


She leaned her head under the moonlight, the green silk drooped down like a waterfall and slightly raised the corners of her mouth. She just said: “After all, I charge you for making me listen to you. You can talk as long as you want, but you can’t go overtime.”


“May I ask when it counts as overtime?”


“Depending on how much money you gave.” She lowered her head and pondered. “For the time being, let’s say it’s for this lifetime. You can’t go over that.”









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Chapter 5