After Marrying the Empress (Novel) Chapter 4

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After Marrying the Empress

Chapter 4


Li Yun did not understand why the treatment he received was so good, but since he saw that nothing happened to Zhou Ruoli on his way here, it’s probably fine to stay for a while.


The person who approached him was a potbellied official. He should be threatened next since that was the standard procedure. Li Yun was initially curious, but now that the person who came to find him seemed to be putting up an act of kindness, he had to be extra careful.


“How was your stay?” The official smiled warm-heartedly. “If you are still hungry, there is still some seafood. Unfortunately, we did not prepare thoroughly, so this is all we have.”


No, they are too kind. I’m not even a person with high status. Li Yun eyed him suspiciously.


It is, of course, impossible to be discovered. After all, he is well-hidden, and if he were discovered, he would have fled at least ten thousand miles away with his wife.


“I remember there were still many people on that street.”


“Oh, they are all protected in the open, well-lit cell,” the fat official said. “I guarantee that they are alive”


The fat official had no idea who this individual was. His superiors only ordered him to entertain him. Thus, he was very polite, and the two soon started talking about the lantern festival.


“It is said that the fakes lured out the real. A bunch of aristocratic families were pretending to be the rebels to cause chaos, but they never thought that the real rebels would appear. Now that this is done, the whole city is on alert.”


“Is it very serious?”


“That is, because you are still young, you may not remember what the insurgents did back then. He is said to have nearly turned the entire Dagan kingdom upside down and cleaned it up again. Not to mention that it was strictly military in nature, even the three views were reshaped. If anyone is truly invincible, it is that person…” He smiled at this point.


“Fortunately, that person somehow disappeared suddenly, and the whole rebel army fell apart, even if the higher-ups wanted to find him, they couldn’t.”


They discussed the relationship between imperial power and the aristocratic families. They want to bite the flesh of a big mouth now that the aristocratic family is taking advantage of the new emperor’s succession to the throne. Last night’s attacks were successful at first, but some unexpected elements appeared unexpectedly, and they must now remain low for an extended period of time.


This official had quite a good temperament. When he got excited talking, he even wanted to call a prostitute over to demonstrate his generosity. Either way, he was told by his superior to treat the guest nicely. That’d show his sincerity.


“I’m already married…” Li Yun declined.


“Isn’t that better?”


He opened the door and walked out with a blushing face as he said that, but never came back.


He most probably went to find a girl.


Li Yun didn’t think much about it. Someone eventually came to tell him that he can leave. He then walked out of the office and saw Zhou Ruoli standing at the door.


“Did you wait for a long time?” Li Yun saw some morning dew on her black hair.


“Just came out.” She just said lightly, seeing Li Yun safe and sound, “Are you okay?”


“100% safe, overly good treatment.” Li Yun replied truthfully.


“It’s a pity, I would’ve thrown you in jail if I were the person making the decision.” Zhou Ruoli sneered.


“That would be too much.” Li Yun scratched his head and smiled bitterly.


The two held hands as they walked home. It rained a little bit on the way, so they hid under the eaves on the side of the street.


“Speaking of which, someone was trying to find a girl for me. I refused.” Li Yun suddenly remembered what had happened before, listening to the sound of the rain.


“Of course.”


She meant that because she was the most beautiful, it made sense not to look for other women.


“There may be many things that will happen in the capital soon, so you have to be careful.” Zhou Ruoli said softly.


Unexpectedly, there were high ranking rebels who dared enter the capital without being discovered. Thus recently, the capital has become extremely dangerous.


And perhaps the remnants of the rebels will catch wind of that news. When that occurs, this will become a gathering of gods in the capital, and simply calling it dangerous would be an understatement.


“Well, I’ve also heard it’s because of the rebels.” The grey clouds rolled away, and the morning light gradually fell, said Li Yun, raising his head.


“If they dare to attack you, then I will kill them.” The rebel leader said with a grin.


“Hmph, I’ve never thought you’d be useful in any way.”


Everything will be dealt with by her before it happens. The new emperor thought to herself.


The two people returned home after the rain stopped.


The riot at the Lantern Festival resulted in more than just a few houses being burned down; several people were injured, and the consequences were far-reaching.


The rebels have always been searching for Li Yun ever since they were disintegrated. After they exchanged messages, they decided that they would be able to find what they are looking for very soon.


The court was also taken aback by this incident. The rebels arrived in the capital and they weren’t even able to discover their shadows. It’s too dangerous to ignore, and it needs to be looked into seriously.


But for Li Yun and Zhou Ruoli, the current situation was still somewhat calm.




“Chen Hai, is this the person who was present at the lantern festival?” Zhou Ruoli said while looking at the letter paper in his hand at the Imperial Study Room.


Standing below her was a figure clad in blue armour, that is, Chen Hai.


“Although the rebels may have escaped the search, most of them should be inside.” He lowered his head and said.


Zhou Ruoli was having a headache because of this. She was present at the time, yet she failed to notice anyone who took action, and the other party’s cultivation base didn’t appear to be weak. It could even be said that it was the best in the whole of Shenzhou.


“This is all because of your lowly servant’s incompetence. Your Majesty has already drawn out the rebels who are still hiding, but I still failed to capture him.” Chen Hai looked deeply ashamed.




Zhou Ruoli’s face was expressionless, but a question mark appeared in her heart. She was solemnly attending the Lantern Festival with Li Yun, and she didn’t do anything.


So she said: “It’s fine if you know your mistakes and correct them.”


What she said was a little illusory, but as an emperor, she was quite good at acting. This sentence embarrassed Chen Hai even more.


“Don’t worry about the rebels. Even if they wish to resurrect, they will be unable to do so for some time. The most important business right now is the aristocrats…”


To be honest, she would have forgotten about it if she hadn’t involved the two of them this time, but she was at the centre of the incident this time, and she couldn’t help but be angry.


“Your Majesty, the aristocratic family bears importance to this kingdom, so you must be careful when dealing with them.” Chen Hai said cautiously. Although the aristocratic family is indeed a burden, it is undeniable that they play a crucial role in the kingdom.


They’re out of their minds. If it had been Li Yun, he might have said something like that. Zhou Ruo thought to herself and failed to hear Chen Hai’s words as she thought.


Even though Zhou Ruoli was unhappy in his heart, she could only do so. After all, the new emperor had ascended to the throne, and there were still many things she hadn’t mastered, and it wasn’t appropriate to clash with the aristocrats.


If she told Li Yun this, what would he do? Zhou Ruoli couldn’t help but think.


Let’s deal with it slowly, and think about it when the time comes.


Li Yun went home to have a change of clothes and got ready to leave.


It didn’t matter if it was just him, but they put his wife in danger. Even if the emperor didn’t dare to touch you, I am different.









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Chapter 4