After Marrying the Empress (Novel) Chapter 3

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After Marrying the Empress

Chapter 3


Having said that, Li Yun quickly realized that the cause of the riot downstairs was not his former subordinate. They’d already be Anjuliean Buck if they were that group of people.


Nonetheless, the crowd started a fire, and the flames below were now raging.


If I wasn’t retired, then I’d truly like to compliment you for causing so much trouble to the new emperor. Li Yun looked down and thought, not only has he already retired, but he is also married. In his current state, the best he could do is play with a Beyblade.


Li Yun didn’t think about fleeing until the bottom of his feet got a little hot. Previously, when the infuriating energy burst on the battlefield, the air oscillated and heated up, and the temperature reached more than 120 degrees for an extended period of time. This heat was nothing compared to then.


When he turned around, he saw that Zhou Ruoli had already looked at him, with a vague and invisible worry in her eyes.


“Don’t be afraid, just follow me.” She turned and walked towards the burning stairs, holding Li Yun’s hand.


She mistakenly assumed Li Yun was stunned because he was terrified. This type of danger was not worth mentioning to her, but a situation like this is scary to a normal person.


Li Yun was taken aback this time, and he smiled helplessly behind him.


Her wife appears to be brave on occasion. He thought to himself as he saw Zhou Ruoli’s cold expression.


“The rebels are always like this; they are parasites who only know how to destroy…” Zhou Ruoli used the opportunity to chastise the swarm of rebels. She could tell they were from the aristocrats at a glance, but having the chance to blame the rebels felt good as well.


Li Yun had a cold sweat on his brow as he walked along, listening to Zhou Ruoli scolding. When he heard that the rebel leader had not let go of even the eighty-year-old lady, he couldn’t help but speak up.


“But it can’t be too much, right? According to what I’ve heard, they’ll even build schools and distribute food to the people. They are still very caring to the people…” Li Yun rubbed his chin.


“You’re not a rebel, so how do you know how sinister they are?” Zhou Ruoli gave a cold snort.


It hurts, it hurts to be scolded by my wife!


“Perhaps because the emperor is the source of the majority of the pressure I feel.” Li Yun smiled bitterly and said after a moment’s thought.


Zhou Ruoli suddenly became silent.


Hmm? Did I say something incorrectly? But I’m referring to the Emperor! Li Yun didn’t understand the reason why Zhou Ruoli appeared to be displeased.


For some reason, I always have the impression of two people piercing each other with knives inside a figment of my imagination.


Despite this, Zhou Ruoli took Li Yun’s hand and walked to the fire without pausing. In the light of the fire, her profile appeared firm and weak, like a flower that’s lit on fire.


They made their way to the gate on the first floor. The gate was wide open, and they could see several people outside dressed in rebel garb. Under the shock of the blade, the Zhenqi transformed into sword qi and swept open, resonating in the capital’s night sky.


Fuck, the capital is in chaos, and the emperor doesn’t come out to deal with it! As he watched those people recklessly wielding knives, Li Yun cursed inwardly.


He noticed the rebel warriors turn to look at both of them as soon as he finished thinking about it.


“Misters, let’s talk first before we fight.” Li Yun drew Zhou Ruoli behind him, looked at their blank stares, and said,


“What happens after is always unpredictable.”


“They don’t have the scent of Zhenqi, probably just two ordinary people.”


“What do we do with them?”


“Let’s just kill them, it’s two ordinary people, they can’t interfere with the overall situation…”


They didn’t seem to want to discuss it thoroughly, but after a few simple conversations, they raised their hands and swept across with the sword qi, leaving behind a blank cloud of sword qi.


Did they really not know about the ability to hide Zhenqi? Li Yun wondered as he stared at the sword qi.


No, let’s say that they never stopped to consider this possibility.


Zhou Ruoli was pulling Li Yun back, but he didn’t resist. He leaned back and raised his hands. With two fingers, the Zhenqi surged from his dantian, along the meridians like the Yangtze River, to his fingertips. Standing side by side, fingers turning into swords, and swept everything away coldly.


Just like an explosion, the scene in front was instantly overturned!






A few aristocrats swore as they witnessed the scene from some distance away.


Did the few warriors that they sent out evolve? How are they so fierce!


Of course, they reacted quickly as well. Those few people would not be able to develop such a Zhenqi even after another fifty years of practice, so…


“Damn it! Someone is messing with us!”


They only wanted to find a few people who would smear the emperor’s reputation. Damn it, if the rebel leader reappeared, people would believe him, but who can explain why such a powerful person would be involved in such trivial matters?!


Everything is now messed up. They only wanted to cause trouble at first, and since the emperor hasn’t settled down yet, it’s unlikely they’ll be punished. Now that the situation has deteriorated, it is difficult for the emperor to not punish them.


But the question is, who did they offend to make him want to mess with them?




When the surrounding commotion died down, Li Yun returned his gaze to Zhou Ruoli. Of course, she wasn’t hurt, and her clothes weren’t even dirty. After all, it would cost money if the clothes were to be washed, and all of Li Yun’s earnings were given to Zhou Ruoli.


“Are you okay?” He still asked.


The few people before didn’t know where they ended up after the aftermath, but even if they could stand up, they wouldn’t be able to fight. They should have been apprehended by now by six doors.


“Let’s go first.” Zhou Ruoli’s voice was still a little cold; she was referring to Li Yun’s hugging posture.


Li Yun quickly released his grip. Despite the fact that he has done everything necessary, his wife does not like being too close to him at times, especially when they are outside.


Zhou Ruoli turned around and touched her face, then turned around again after a while, her expression still unusually cold.


It seemed that even she would be a little frightened by an attack. Li Yun thought.


“That’s a pity, the lanterns would have been exquisite.” Li Yun scratched his head.


“We were being pointed at with a knife just now, and this is your first thought?” Zhou Ruoli raised her eyes to look at him.


“We didn’t get hurt after all, and weren’t you also looking forward to that?”


“Heh.” Zhou Ruoli just shook her head.


Li Yun also smiled slightly, raised his head, and noticed another light floating in the night sky, falling straight towards them.


To catch it, Li Yun raised his hand. Because of the chaos, the surroundings were dark, and the only light here was the dim yellow light from the paper lanterns.


Is there still one left from the aftermath just now?


“I’ve got it now.” Li Yun grinned. “Regrettably, there is only one. Do you want to make a wish? It’s popular among the ladies here.”


“I’m not a young lady. And if I had a wish, it would be to change my husband,” Zhou Ruoli snorted coldly.


“Huh?” Li Yun scratched his head and smiled bitterly. “Can I ask what the image of your perfect husband is in your opinion?”


“Invincible, handsome, kind-hearted, and rich…”


“Isn’t that me?” Li Yun was pleasantly surprised.


Zhou Ruoli placed her hand on her head, looked helplessly at Li Yun for a moment, then stood up.


“It doesn’t matter if you’re not the ideal husband, in my eyes… you’re pretty good.” She said softly, as if she was feeling a little unfeeling.
The ideal husband is a different matter from the one she likes.


There are a lot of footsteps coming up behind. It was the official who is in charge of dealing with the chaos here. There are also many ordinary people in the area who require assistance.


In this case, the two of them should be taken to the government prison for a night of prisoner’s dinner. They were all people who would rather catch the wrong person than miss anyone out, and the only way is to wait a few days before coming out.


A few hours later.


Li Yun sat in the official’s room and looked at the steaming dishes in front of him.


What the hell, has the court evolved over the years to the point that even people who were caught wrongly can enjoy such good treatment?




People from six doors were investigating on the street of the Lantern Festival. One of them, wearing blue armour and bearing a solemn expression, was the figure who had contact with Zhou Ruoli the day before.


He looked at the huge traces on the ground that looked like it was caused by a tumbling earth dragon.


“One of the strongest in the rebels, at least the level of leading the army, or perhaps, that person…”


He squatted down and felt the ground.


“The hard basalt stone was shattered into powder in an instant, and then spread out under the influence of the Zhenqi. The standard method of those lunatics…”


“Your Majesty is correct. She just picked someone at random and led the high-level rebels out.” He couldn’t help but sigh and shook his head, and admiringly exclaimed:


“Your majesty is always wise.”









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Chapter 3