After Marrying the Empress (Novel) Chapter 1

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After Marrying the Empress

Chapter 1


Da Gan’s new emperor has ascended the throne.


Li Yun stood on the crowded streets of the capital, looking back at the magnificent palace that stood at the end of the street. At this time, the young emperor should be dancing in joy because of the power he gained; the most powerful military power, the richest land among the four great powers, and at the same time they will also become the most respected and feared existence in the world.


But whatever happens doesn’t matter to him any more.


Because Li Yun, aged 18, was a rebel.


However, that was only the case two years ago. Now he is just an ordinary citizen, occasionally hiding from the lackeys of the empire. Fortunately, he has been hiding well in these few years, otherwise he would have been at the centre of trouble.


Nevertheless, he was never found by the new emperor.


Li Yun married a new wife last year, and despite her poor background, she has decent looks.


He finally found a place for them after 6 years.


“Amnesty upon the world in celebration for the enthronement of his majesty…”


These were the words that the officials on the street were yelling along the street. Since the rebels were broken up a year ago, they no longer have the power to start a new rebellion. This was a good opportunity for the new emperor to try and win people’s hearts.


But as the leader of the rebels, there was no chance that they would let him off the hook.


Li Yun was sure that the moment news about him caught wind, even if he was in the capital, the new emperor would use everything in his power to capture him.


There was a royal guard among the officials, and as the emperor’s guard, they were stronger than most people. Because of their high status, most commoners would never get the chance to even steal a glance at them.


The royal guard’s sword clashed with his armour, and as he passed the street Li Yun was on, he suddenly spun his head around to glance at the place Li Yun was standing at a moment before.


“Sir, what are you looking at?” The soldier that stood beside the royal guard asked him curiously.


“The person that stood there just now, he shouldn’t be 20 years old yet. His looks are quite handsome, and his eyes look energetic.” The guard replied. “He had the scent of the dragon on him.”


The scent of the dragon was the symbol of the prosperity of the nation, and was something that only the royals and close relatives to the emperor had. Other than that, it was said that the dragon’s scent was one of the most luxurious decorations that can be seen by people, but the number of people that could actually see it is close to none.


Coincidentally, the royal guard was one of those people that could see it.


Maybe it was his own curiosity that made the guard explain further, but his voice was full of surprise. “Normally only royals have the scent of the dragon, and it flows from top to bottom. But this person’s …”


He put his hand on his lower abdomen.


“Flows from the bottom to the top.”


The soldier that asked almost flipped over in surprise, as this means that …


To put it roughly, that youngster fucked a princess or someone with higher status.


The guard continued speaking, “that youngster shouldn’t know about what he did, but the question is, which princess would be willing to marry someone lower?”


He frowned as he finished speaking. There was completely no information about any princess who had married recently.


He wished that whoever married in secret had no effect on the prosperity of the nation, or else, the emperor’s cavalry is not just for show.


But currently, the person that matters to the emperor the most, is still the rebels and their leader that there have been news about.




“How much rent did you collect today?”


Li Yun was walking along the road, and before he walked into his house, he heard his wife’s slightly cold voice.


He smiled helplessly, opened the door and saw his wife sitting on a stone chair under the willow tree. She was very graceful in a white dress. She looked very beautiful, but her expression was slightly cold. Not only that, she didn’t even say hello when she saw Li Yun walk in.


His wife’s name is Zhou Ruoli, sharing the same surname with the royal family. Nevertheless, it isn’t surprising at all since there are tens of thousands of people with the surname Zhou here in the capital.


“20 taels from East Third Street, and 40 taels from West Fourth Street…” Li Yun said as he took the money out of his clothes.


These houses were bought by him a year ago, and were rented out this year. Although he didn’t care about money, but, since his wife seemed to care a lot about it, it would be for the better.


Zhou Ruoli stretched out his hand and grabbed the silver from his hand. Then she picked up the account book from the stone table next to him and began to jot things down.


Li Yun didn’t mind his wife’s actions, sat down and took a sip of tea.


Although his wife is a bit greedy for money, often sneering and telling Li Yun that he is her money-making tool and so on, and never left him any money, he didn’t hate such a life.


“Why are you laughing like an idiot?” Zhou Ruoli raised his eyes and said in a cold voice. In a blink of an eye, he lowered his head and wrote to the account book, while saying: “the rent collected decreased again.”


“Because there has been news of the rebels recently, the business of those shops is not good, so the lease will not be renewed, and there is still one shop that owes us.” Li Yun explained with a smile, and sat down at the same time.


Even though he could not tell if Zhou Ruoli believed it or not, she nodded slightly.


“Speaking of which, have you heard about the news that the new emperor has ascended the throne?” Li Yun chatted. “I heard that during the enthronement ceremony, the emperor was going to give money away. The money you can receive there is definitely more than what we have here. You would be so delighted if you saw that sight.”


Zhou Ruoli was silent. She suddenly noticed gold powder in the gap between her nails as he looked down, which was shining golden. She immediately clenched his palm and hid her fingers, stood up blankly and walked to the sink and washed her hands. The gold dust was washed into the dirt along with the water.




“Why do you bother with these things?” Zhou Ruoli quickly washed his hands and turned and sat back, seeming not to care much about what Li Yun said. “I married you for your money, so you better just focus on getting money properly.”


Li Yun just smiled. He has become accustomed to his wife’s words. Although it sounds very uncomfortable at first, he overlooked it because of her looks.


Just forgive, everything can be forgiven.


Five years of fighting, he has seen life and death, the rich, the person who cut through the nine mountains with a sword, and true qi, I have also seen it. Now I no longer want to fight any more. Speaking of which, I was forced to choose the path of rebellion. If it wasn’t because of the last emperor, he would have simply returned the favours a few years ago and ran away.


“I’m going to go out for a while.” Zhou Ruoli stood up and patted her clothes without looking back.


Only then did Li Yun discover that her clothes were indeed different from what he saw when she got up in the morning. Right now she was wearing the clothes for going out.


“Come back earlier.” Li Yun replied.


Zhou Ruoli ignored him as she opened the door and walked out. She walked out a few streets, and came to a place where there was no one. She stood quietly, her eyes indifferent, and the aura surrounding her changed.


It is completely different from when she was talking to Li Yun.


A figure appeared out of thin air, with such a majestic and calm aura, even an ordinary person could easily see that this person was very powerful.


He bowed his head towards Zhou Ruoli on one knee respectfully, but Zhou Ruoli didn’t even look at him.


“The traces of the rebels are fake. The family in the capital deliberately released fake news for the purpose of selling goods. They made at least a million taels this time.”


Having said this, he said solemnly: “Just give me an order and their heads will be placed on your steps tomorrow.”


One million taels is not a small amount. It can be used to subvert some small kingdoms that are attached to the four kingdoms of Shenzhou. Right now, he is waiting for the next order from the leader of the nation.


Zhou Ruoli looked calmly and said, “let them keep the one million taels.”


She then spoke calmly, “it is only a matter of time before we will get that million taels back.”


The figure just bowed his head. For him, he only had to listen to the emperor’s words.


Zhou Ruoli held a piece of silver in her hand. It was the one that she had just brought from Li Yun.


She, who was indifferent to the one million taels just now, silently looked at the one tael of silver she held in her hands. The sunlight shot out from the edges of the silver, illuminating her eyes. Her thoughts were not known as she looked deeply towards the tael of silver.


She looked up after she put the tael of silver into her pocket.


“Let’s go,” the emperor said, walking towards her palace.








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Chapter 1