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My Space-Time System

Chapter 53: Something he can’t handle.

By: xImpulse


The thought of having a task yet to be completed affected Blake’s concentration, so he decided to quit postponing
his visit.


He decided to meet up with Brian and Castiel, before returning back to his training. If it was any other person, finding their location would be troublesome because they would have no idea of their room numbers, but with the ability of a locator, it was very easy for him.


After he fully assimilated with the inheritance, the locator’s ability was no longer a game of cold and hot. Now there was a distinct trail he could follow and he also felt a stronger call to the thing he was searching for.


He first met Brian at the front of his dormitory and after telling him he had an important message to deliver they both banded together and headed for Castiel’s room.


“Although your ability isn’t much of a help in combat, I must say it is quite impressive.” Blake looked at him with a stoic expression on his face.


Blake couldn’t lie that the locator ability was useless, but the fact that the ability was useless when it came to combat was dispiriting. This also meant that he had two elements just like the others.


“No don’t get me wrong, I ain’t mocking you. I am just trying to say that having the ability to find anything you seek is really awesome.” Seeing Blake’s stoic expression didn’t change, Brian decided to keep quiet until they knocked on Castiel’s door.


“Come in.” With an expressionless face, Castiel let them into the room.


“I met with Prince Bryon on the awakening day he asked me to deliver an important message…”


After informing them about their supposed identity, they talked about all the necessary information about the planet they were stuck in. They chatted for a while before they all dispersed and Blake returned to the concealed space.


“Here I was thinking he had a grudge.” From the time he spent with Brian and Castiel, Blake found out they were both cool.


The reason he thought there was a grudge between him and Castiel, was because of his usually expressionless face and cold nature, apart from that he was a nice guy.



The fusion process was a long and painful one. It had to stage; Attracting both sets of stars (One set being above the other) and the other was using a large amount of mana to bind the two together forcing them to merge.


The first stage followed the principle of electrical charges, stars of different elements will be attracted if the charges were enough.


For him to complete the process he stars needed to be charged up just like when a spell was about to be cast, but the tricky part was that it needed to be done simultaneously.


Blake had never double-cast before neither did had he thought of it, but because of his greater awareness and his increased control over mana he quickly got the hang of double casting.


It took Blake less than a day to attract both star clusters, although it was a painful process but not something he couldn’t handle.


It was when he began the second stage that he understood the true meaning of pain. Compared to the first stage that could be considered as a relatively peaceful reaction, the second stage was like a tempest.


It involved using large amounts of energy to compress both clusters into one, but this action caused many reactions.


The action of a huge quantity of mana to compress both star clusters, destroy the balance in the system, and for the system to be able to regain balance it has to upgrade its capacity in order accommodate that level of energy.


And for that to happen the system would forcefully merge both clusters, thereby increasing its capacity and regaining balance.


“Why is it this Painful?!” The pains were so much that his veins were bulging out, his complexion was red and he was sweating buckets.


[If a blacksmith has two containers but they are small to serve the intended purpose, he would melt both containers and add more alloys before reshaping and letting it cool, so as to improve its storage capacity and durability. This is exactly what is happening to you.


The only difference is that your refining ability will be increased causing the purity of your mana to increase.]


The last stage took him days to complete and during those days he was in hell.


Once the second stage had begun it couldn’t be stopped, the only thing one could do is to pour mana which will act as a catalyst and speed up the process but that will be accompanied by more pain.


If he stopped pouring in mana the pain would slightly decrease, but it would take a long time before the process was completed.


Deciding that it was better to be tortured for a short while, Blake gritted his teeth and continued pouring in mana. He passed out multiple times because his body couldn’t handle the pain, but when he woke up, he just continued.


[I must confess he really is mad.] The system was stunned by resilience, He watched as Blake repeated the process pouring in mana till he fainted. He was wondering how a kid who had never been in a life or death situation could possess such tenacity.



Two days after the fusion process was activated.


Blake was lying unconscious close to the ancestral tree, his whole body was soaked in sweat, but luckily the process was about to end.


[Here it comes…]


The battle for balance had almost come to an end. When the system had obtained enough capacity, a balance was obtained and the end of the reaction was signaled by a burst of energy that forcefully tore through all the blocked pathways.


“Aaahhh!” The unconscious Blake was jolted awake by a mind-numbing pain spread through his body. Before slumping and losing consciousness.




“All preschoolers should please report to the auditorium, tomorrow for a briefing.” His uniform’s badge glowed before dimming when the announcement was over.







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Chapter 53